Ailes tells Fox News booker ‘You’re going to find me more whores'

She called him Daddy Roger.

A former Fox News Channel booker said she was Roger Ailes’ personal “whore” for more than a decade — until the 76-year-old network executive got tired of her and forced her to recruit other young women for him, according to a new report.

“You’re going to find me ‘Roger’s Angels,’” Ailes allegedly told Laurie Luhn, who admittedly slept her way up the chain. “You’re going to find me whores.’”

According to New York magazine, Luhn willingly participated in the lurid arrangement, taking every dollar of extra cash along the way, including a $ 3.15 million severance agreement she signed in 2011 that included iron-clad nondisclosure provisions.

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Luhn, 56, said the long-time fling resulted in a mental breakdown and a realization that she had been sexually harassed like the others at Fox whose accusations eventually forced Ailes out.

“I am reporting sexual harassment,” Luhn told the magazine. “Whether I am a crazy person or not, I am reporting sexual harassment.”

But it wasn’t until after Ailes actually resigned earlier this month that Luhn — who at her peak made $ 250,000 a year as a Fox event planner — went to the lawyers hired by 21st Century Fox to investigate sexual-harassment allegations.

But unlike most of the other women who spoke out publicly about harassment in the wake of anchor Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit, Luhn went along because she thought it would advance her career, which it did.

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But the price — even the $ 250,000 a year in salary and the cash he left her on top of that after every sexual encounter — was too high, she said.

“It was psychological torture,” Luhn said.

Former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes got tired of his personal 'whore', who was his Fox News booker, and forces her to find him more young women.

Former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes got tired of his personal ‘whore’, who was his Fox News booker, and forces her to find him more young women.

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Luhn said she met Ailes in 1988 in the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the George H.W. Bush presidential campaign which Ailes was advising as a media consultant. He eventually brought her in at his firm and later to Fox News.

In 1991, she said, she met Ailes at a hotel knowing what to expect. There, she said she danced for him, and after she finished, Ailes told her to get down on her knees and he put his hands on her temples.

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“What are you, Laurie?” she said Ailes asked her. “Are you Roger’s whore? Are you Roger’s spy? Come over here.”

Then she said she performed oral sex on him, a regular routine that she said would go on for years.

“It was always the on-my-knees, hold-my-temples routine,” Luhn said. “There was no affair, no sex, no love.”

By 2006, she said, the phone sex and hotel visits had stopped. Instead, she said Ailes instructed her to recruit young women for him. Luhn, who was given the authority to hire staff, said she did not set Ailes up with any women for explicit sexual purposes, but she knew they could be exposed to sexual harassment.

“You’re not expected to hire unattractive people,” she said.

When one of the women — unlike her — resisted, Luhn fired her.

Luhn left the network in 2011.

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